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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis using raw blockchain ledger data amongst others, is a method to preempt stablecoin price tracking errors. Common existing methods typically involve only stablecoin price data which has limited predictive ability.

In our analyses, we showcase method to preempt stablecoin price tracking errors from few hours to even few days in advance. Importantly, this analysis demonstrate these predictions work even in the absence of any prior price fluctuation signals.

Every protocol is a marketplace with its own economic policies and laws. The fundamental report breaks each protocol marketplace down to its economic policies, using the Economics Design framework. That includes Market Design, Mechanism Design and Token Design.

Data Analysis

We make sense of the data of the protocols and share the insights with you on a weekly basis.A real-time bounded score (b/w -100 to +100) is generated. This is a proxy for probability of price tracking error. Therefore higher value at any time point means higher change of price tracking error. These values will be made available via API to clients.

Market Research

With lots of stablecoin problems in News in present times, there should be institutional demand to use these kind of tools, to understand which stablecoin is the safest to use. This is even more needed as different stablecoin protocols/projects have different novel mechanisms, thus they are not time tested and come without any price stability guarantees. Market research are reports focusing on empirical analysis around the general market. This is divided into the various segments like stablecoin, utility token, governance token, play-to-earn tokens, derivatives, etc.

Feature Updates

Watch this space for more information!