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Pegaxy Report


Pegaxy is a Horse Racing game built on the Polygon network. The current version of the game is an RNG or Random Number Generator game where races are simulated. Players can breed Pegas for other players to buy, but Pegas have a class and bloodline tier level to it. The innovation in this game is its internal renting system to make scholarships much more easy for the managers.

3 Key Highlights

  1. Has internal renting system for scholarships and loan Pega breeding
  2. Horse Racing Game built on Polygon
  3. Two token economy and breeding is similar to Axie Infinity


Why is ecosystem valuable?

It internalized its scholarship program through a rental system on chain, reducing the time it takes for managers to transfer the NFTs between and the need to create and manage multiple accounts.


Objective 1: Home of Horse Racing in the Metaverse.

Objective 2: Providing an ecosystem where players can play, socialize, and work in the same space.

Systematic Risks & Constraints

  • High barrier to entry
  • RNG Game
  • Need Gas Fees to transfer Pegas between uses

Potential Solution

  • Enlist more guilds/breeders to pull down price
  • Gameplay Update
  • Structure Update

Token High-Level Summary

Token Summary

PGX is a native token of the Pegaxy ecosystem.

  • Pegaxy Stone (PGX)

    Players will be able to get PGX rewards and voting powers when staking goes live. Large scale tournaments and other events will also yield PGX.

Distribution Schedule

Soruce: Pegaxy Whitepaper

  • Fabled Token

    Total market supply is now at 722 as these were the only ones that were able to avail of the token during the event. The rest of the 3378 tokens were burned.


Source: Pegaxy Website

  • Crypto.com Capital

    Invest firm prioritizing long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs in every sector of the industry lead by Co-founded of Crypto.com.

  • Kyber Ventures

    Investment arm of the liquidity hub, Kyber Network

  • Shima Capital

    Early-stage global venture firm backed by some of the top crypto exchanges.

  • Kyros Ventures

    Kyros Ventures is a pioneer in incubating early stage blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in Vietnam.

  • Astrov Ventures

    AstroV Ventures invests in potential gaming, NFT and DeFi projects.

  • Real Deal Guild
    P2E social guild founded in the Philippines

Market Design

Design of the environment in which the tokens and users exist in

1. Player types

Do they exist? If yes, what do they do and how do they participate in the ecosystem?

    • Killers: N/A
    • Achievers: N/A
    • Socialisers: No way to interact within the system at the moment. Exists outside the Pegaxy Network through influencers.
    • Miners: Scholars/players making the most of the Pegas given to them
    • Creators: N/A
    • Developers: N/A
    • Investors: Breeders looking to make money from selling newly born pegas.

2. Thickness of Market

30 day volume and statistics has been trending up as of January 19, 2022

Source: DappRadar.

3. Reduce Congestion

Built on POLYGON for Layer 2 transactions

Switching contract depending on where you will use your Pega. (Rent, Sell, Race, or Breed) Gas is needed in order to switch between uses.

4. Safety

RNG gameplay is prone to bots as there is no skill needed to earn from playing the game.

4. Ease of Use

Onboarding is pretty straight forward. The marketplace has all the tabs a player needs in order to participate the game once they have USDT or PGX to purchase their Pega.

Heading Sub Title

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Amazon-Cover-Pic-Book (4)

Mechanism Design

Rules of the game that people have to follow


1. Decision Making

Currently centralized to dev team

2. Implementation

Currently centralized to dev team

3. Resolution mechanisms

Currently centralized to dev team

Market Structure

1. Gameplay

RNG racing simulation at the moment but a more skill-based gameplay will come out soon. A land system will also be introduced in the future.

2. Bargaining Protocol/Pricing Model 

Market-driven prices based on performance of Pegas. Pegas have bloodlines and breed types that affect their prices on the market.

Breed count also matters when determining the cost to breed the Pegas.

Source: Pegaxy Whitepaper

3. Community information

2022 Roadmap

3. Idiosyncratic Risks

Floor price for Pegas is at 777 USDT. The high demand for a limited number of pegas might hinder users to onboard to the game. But this can be mitigated once more breeders come in to take advantage of the high prices.


1. Voting Protocol

Centralized at the moment. No voting protocols in place.

2. Allocation mechanism

Token Design

Rules of the game that tokens have to follow

Token Policy

1. Monetary Policy

Only 5000 Pegas come from the Development team. These are the Legendary Pegas. All future Pegas need to be breeded by the community.

Financial Incentives

1. Platform Activities

PGX – Governance Token. Current utility is to buy and breed Pegas

VIS – Utility Token. Main utility is to breed Pegas

Source: https://apollo.pegaxy.io/

2. Financial Returns

No Staking at the moment. Players earn $VIS by competing in RNG races. Most $VIS is currently being burned through breeding.

Token Architecture

Useful for non ERC-20 tokens. And how financial products are structured.

1. Token structure
  • NFTs
    • Pegas – Used to race within the game
    • Arenas/Stadiums (Coming Soon) – Hosts races
2. Token distribution
  • Marketplace
  • Exchanges
  • Events


Pegaxy is a game that is still on the early stages of its development. Its innovation on Pega renting for scholarships make it attractive for guilds and managers to join the game. Introducing a more skill-based gameplay will take the game into new heights. Its tokenomics and breeding system follow that of GameFi powerhouse, Axie Infinity. Additional utility will be introduced to its governance token in the future. The game overall is trending upwards since its inception.

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