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Our Company

Our Company

About Us

Econteric is an economics analysis and financial data platform. We are creating a market data system, proving the most authoritative, complete, up to date and quality assured data around the digital assets universe. More specifically, we focus on behavioural and fundamental analytics that takes onchain and offchain data to help protocols and investors make decisions regarding certain trends and patterns in the economy.

Econteric platform aims to empower you, the investor, with the most important and leading market developments for the best risk management and decision making. With the synergy engineered by unifying multiple disciplines of token economics, token governance, decentralised finance (DeFi), blockchain fundamentals, financial mathematics, macro economics and data science; the Econteric platforms brings forth cutting edge analytics to navigate the esoteric and fast developing field of DeFi.

The multi faceted real-time metrics available on our platform enable precise risk averse decision making for market wide DeFi products. Curated from real-time high throughput data and well-tested analytics, the metrics available unclutter the DeFi complexities for accurate and precise decision making in the face of rising uncertainty. Available via APIs, the Econteric is designed to seamlessly integrate and automate with your market sixth sense and portfolio management.

Our Story

Econteric started because the quality of research out there can do better with better analytics tools. We want to turn tacit information into measurable data because we know how painful it is to not understand what’s really going on in the space. We want to help investors to make more grounded decisions based on facts, and, valuable projects to grow more easily by spreading useful data about their protocol to incencivize growth and good governance.

What are we doing here?

If mechanical physics is the rules that we all play by on earth (e.g. gravity and air resistance), economic mechanisms are the rules we all play by in a token-based ecosystem. Using the economic mechanisms as rules, we measure How robust the primary market design is The intrinsic value accrual in a token-based economy Check out the research book for how we make sense of the economics mechanisms.

Token Fundamentals and Market Research

What is the long-term goal?

TLDR: better governance. Resilient ecosystems. Win-win for investors/protocols. Distribution is just the tip of the iceberg, towards creating a more equitable future. The challenge is to coordinate between the distributed agents and work together to govern this economy. With measurable insights towards the inputs, mechanisms, design and outcome of the economics design, we can better governance a system and coordinate towards certain decisions. This is to build more resilient ecosystems, taking into account both quantitative and qualitative design.

Why this barrier to knowledge?

Whilst the idea of low barrier to entry is propagated, the reality is that this space requires a good understanding of economics, finance, technology, math and business operations. The space is also evolving quickly and it can get very confusing. As time pass within the crypto ecosystem, more project grows, more concepts to understand, and we have more data to analyze. It quickly becomes overwhelming and leads to disinformation and bad decisions. For projects, and investors. We want to make it easy for people to make sense of the space and to enter the DeFi market with educated research, not speculative biased information.

How are we doing this?

Using the economics design framework created by Lisa JY Tan, we are able to creat a general standardised framework to analyse the various DeFi protocols. Each pillar and variable is further customised towards the segment in finance. We deconstruct the economics design of these token and incentive mechanisms to measure its robustness. Since markets are social-based, we also provide analysis to the social sentiments which help understanding the traction that a new project is attracting. Lastly, we analyse the financial trends and metrics. But this is not key, because without the economics mechanisms understood, the narrative of the financial analysis can be misleading.