Token Fundamentals and Market Research
The Esoteric Nature of the Economics of Token-based Ecosystem

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Fundamental Reports

Every protocol is a marketplace with its own economic policies and laws. The fundamental report breaks each protocol marketplace down to its economic policies, using the Economics Design framework. That includes Market Design, Mechanism Design and Token Design.

This framework is standardised across all protocols, explaining the basic structure, standardising the comparison metrics and highlighting some inherent risks in the design.

Examples of the structure: Bancor, Maker


Analytics Insights

We make sense of the data of the protocols and share the insights with you on a weekly basis.


Market Research

Market research are reports focusing on empirical analysis around the general market. This is divided into the various segments like stablecoin, utility token, governance token, play-to-earn tokens, derivatives, etc.

These are market-wide research, instead of focusing on just one protocol.

Weekly Reports

2 Fundamentals
1 Analysis Research

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